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Whether it’s PGI Scotch Beef, line-caught mussels from Mull or a packet of freshly baked morning rolls, we’re proud to source the very best in Scottish food and drink from all over the country – from Scotland’s larder to yours.

We work with Red Tractor and the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) to ensure the meat, fish and poultry sold in stores come from suppliers who adhere to their independent ethical and environmental standards. To keep the whole family happy, we also offer the everyday brands you love at prices you’ll like even more. From Orkney to Edinburgh, no matter where you live you can be sure to find the same great value in every store, too.

Proud of your produce? We are always looking to grow our range of Scottish products for our customers, and welcome quality suppliers from across Scotland to get in touch.

Meet Our Suppliers

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Paul Duncan – Duncan’s of Deeside

Starting 35 years ago with Betty Duncan producing shortbread from her kitchen for family and friends, Duncan’s of Deeside, now with Betty’s grandson Paul at the helm, supplies the whole of Lidl GB with its family recipe Shortbread.

Betty’s original recipe used margarine – which was much cheaper than butter – as well as flour, sugar and cornflour, but as the business grew, a more luxurious all-butter version was created and is part of our Deluxe Scottish Selection range.

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Lee Godfrey of Browns Food Group, North Berwick

The Donald & Sons range is quintessentially Scottish. Hearty breakfasts are sorted with lorne sausage, black pudding and other stalwarts (perfect when you need them most), plus there’s traditional haggis for suppers and celebrations.

“We have been producing Haggis for over 30 years, our traditional recipes are made using quality ingredients at our site in North Berwick, East Lothian.”

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Here's what Andrew, a second-generation berry farmer, wants you to know about his very Scottish berries.

Andrew is a soft fruit grower from Leven and Fife in Scotland and his farm is a real family affair! 'It's Mum, Dad, my brother and myself,' he says. The family started by growing raspberries and strawberries in the open, but now use polytunnels to protect the fruit. And while all berries are difficult to grow, says Andrew, strawberries are definitely faster to pick! 'Our pickers go on sight, touch and experience,' he says. 'They take the fruit by the stalk and gently place it in the punnet, being careful not to cause bruising.

  1. TBC - Salmon

    TBC - Salmon

    "It's the best job you can get. I love being out on the water with incredible views of the mountains"

  2. Alan Layburn - Potatoes

    Alan Layburn - Potatoes

    "We are a second generation family growing potatoes for Lidl, a relationship that spands two decades. Our farm at Glamis, Angus has stunning views of the Strathmore Valley and is the perfect location to grow delicious potatoes."

  3. Robert, Castle Douglas - Dairy

    Robert, Castle Douglas - Dairy

    "Farming has been in my family for 271 years. Our brilliant cows are part of that family and we're delighted that our carefully collected milk is enjoyed by families around the country."

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