Lidl Changes for the Better

Lidl Changes for the Better

At Lidl, we’re proud to be part of so many projects and initiatives that make positive changes to the world around us. From investing in the future of British farming to being the first UK supermarket to launch new packaging using ‘Prevented Ocean Plastic’, these Lidl changes, big or small, are always made for the better.

That’s why we launched Lidl Changes for the Better, because we believe good and value should go together.

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Planet, Producers And People

Whether it’s promoting efficient use of resources, sourcing in a fair, sustainable way or making nutritious food available for families, we’re committed to making sure we make a positive difference. We believe in doing good for our planet, the producers we work with and the people in our communities.

  1.  Caring for the PEOPLE in our communities

    Caring for the PEOPLE in our communities

    We're working to raise £5 million over 5 years for NSPCC, donated over 8 million meals to those in need, reduced sugar in several own-brand products and more.

  2. Supporting our PRODUCERS

    Supporting our PRODUCERS

    All our core fresh poultry, beef, pork, milk and eggs are British and we’re investing £15 billion in British food and farming over the next 5 years, as well as supporting young dairy farmers through the Grassroots partnership.

  3.  Protecting our PLANET

    Protecting our PLANET

    We’ve removed 1 billion pieces of plastic from our stores, are working to cut own-brand plastic packaging by 40% and have reduced food waste in our stores by over 30% – working to achieve 50% by 2030.

Oxfam Scorecard Results 2022

We’re over the moon to be recognised by Oxfam as one of the leading global food retailers for our work on human rights in the supply chain. But we know our work doesn’t stop here. We’re committed to taking further actions in this important area. Find out more here.

Check out where Oxfam has ranked us for our policies and practices on human rights in the supply chain below.

Oxfam’s Scorecard 2022

UK Scorecard 2022

We didn’t do any of this alone though. You Lidlers are a pivotal part of all the Lidl (and big!) changes we’ve made.

Thanks a bunch – and here’s to many more!

Find out about our projects and initiatives – helping people, producers and the planet.

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