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What can NCT do for you?

Hello and welcome to Lidl’s Baby hub and partnership with NCT. I’m Sanjima, Parent Content Manager at NCT, the UK's leading independent parenting charity. As a mum of two, I know that becoming a parent is a life-changing experience. We all want to do the best we can for our kids. But how do parents work out what’s best for them and their new family? There’s a bewildering amount of advice and information out there. That’s where NCT comes in. We’re here to support parents over their First 1,000 Days – through pregnancy until their baby’s second birthday.


Information you can rely on

As the UK’s leading independent parenting charity, we don’t believe in pushing a particular view. Instead, we give parents unbiased, evidence-based information in a supportive, non-judgemental way, so that they can decide what’s right for them and their family. How do you know you’re going into labour? Am I feeding my baby the right way? How do you cope with tantrums? We’ve got it all covered on our website and in our courses and workshops.

Sharing the experience

When you become a mum or dad, it can be daunting. Especially if you’re the first person in your social circle to start that journey. That’s why NCT’s local support groups are run by parents, for parents. Offering company, fun and support through shared experiences and local events, our branches can be a lifeline during the early days and as children get older.

A trusted voice for parents

Did you know that NCT has been campaigning on behalf of parents on the issues that matter to them for over 50 years? From improvements to maternity care to better services and greater support, we are trusted independent experts, known for basing our work on research and parents’ views. Our current Hidden Half campaign is about the fact that half of new mums' mental health problems don’t get picked up. We want all new mums to get a proper postnatal check.

We believe that everyone can and should feel confident and supported in their role as a parent. That’s what we’re here for.

Read more about my journey in the blog here.

Sajma kids

Welcome to the MotherHood

My memories are catalogued like well-thumbed books at the library; I’ve got an A to Z of my highs and lows. Even when my kids reach adulthood, I know some moments will never grow dust in my mental archive.

Finding out we were pregnant, giving birth, bringing them home and then all the milestones along the way – first smiles, words, steps, tastes, tantrums…

And it never fails to amaze me how the same two little beings can make my heart burst with love and then so annoyed I could explode with frustration. But that’s the MotherHood.

It’s a weird and wonderful place where you get lost, fall down, pick yourself up, find your way, cry, laugh, get lost, fall down, pick yourself up, find your way, cry, laugh. Repeat. Forever.

Mum on board

I wish there was a ‘Mum on Board’ badge because isn’t it exhausting at times? I’m tempted to tell people on my train to work about the preceding hour – getting kids up and dressed, shouting, remembering what stuff we all need that day, shouting, hurrying – and that I really need to sit down. But who knows what they’ve been through that morning, so I stand politely like any other sardine commuter.

My love library

That’s when the love library in my head saves me. When I’m tired, stressed or upset. When I think I am the worst parent ever, I find a special edition memory I can re-play and feel better. The times when I won the battle and managed to cajole my kids out of a meltdown.

The moments they’ve made me feel proud with their sibling kindness and affection. The laughter and tears I’ve shared with other mums over a bottle of wine on a night out.

New chapters to come

I can laugh, smile and cry simultaneously at most of my memories. In the same way, my parenting journey cuts across genres.

Motherhood is a tale of epic proportions

It’s a love story, comedy and horror; it’s about health, relationships, history, psychology, self-help, science and travel. Motherhood is a tale of epic proportions.