Fraud Awareness

At Lidl, we always strive to put a stop to scam campaigns that fraudulently use the Lidl brand before they reach you. Despite our best efforts however, on rare occasions the individuals behind the campaigns do unfortunately still manage to target a small number of our customers.

To help protect you from these scams, we’ve partnered with Take 5 To Stop Fraud to share three tips which we hope will assist you in spotting a fraudulent email, SMS or social media advert. 

1. Stop - take a minute to think

If you receive an email, SMS or advert on social media asking you to provide your personal details or financial information, always take a moment to think and ask yourself these questions:


  • Does this feel real? Does it feel too good to be true?
  • Have I received a message like this before from Lidl GB, if not, does it feel authentic?


We do run regular competitions from our verified Lidl GB accounts online, and before entering, you can always check our competition page on our website to verify the competition’s authenticity here.

2. Challenge - question the authenticity

Could it be fake? It’s ok to reject, refuse or ignore any requests. Only criminals will try to rush or panic you.


Check the spelling of the web address/URL in email links before you click, and ask yourself if the web address or URL looks real.


(Most email clients allow you to see the address by hovering the mouse over the clickable area, without clicking. If the address does not look right, then don’t click on it.)


Does the requester really need this information from you? Again, if you feel uneasy about entering your details online, always check our competition page to verify the competition’s authenticity. 

3. Protect yourself

Contact your bank immediately if you think you’ve fallen for a scam and report it to Action Fraud straight away. 


To learn more about how you can protect yourself from online fraud, visit Take 5 To Stop Fraud’s website to learn how you can protect yourself click here for more info.


Lidl is not financially or commercially responsible for any fraudulent campaigns. If you feel like you have been a victim of fraud please report this to your bank immediately.