Lamb truly comes into its own with the traditional Easter roast, although it also works wonderfully in a variety of other dishes. We work with selected farmers to ensure a good supply of fresh, quality lamb all year round, from warming winter stews right through to barbecues and summer salads. Explore our product range and take a look at our lamb recipes for some more inspiration. 

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We work with a select group of dedicated farmers to source quality lamb all year round. 

Our Birchwood range is seasonally sourced from both the UK and New Zealand, with New Zealand lamb available January to June and British lamb available from July to December.

Scotland’s Strathvale lamb comes exclusively from Scottish farms, and we’re proud our products bear the Scotch Lamb PGI label –a guarantee of quality and high welfare standards.

All our British and Scotch lamb is 100% Red Tractor Assured. This means it has been responsibly sourced and produced according to strict food hygiene, animal welfare and environmental standards.