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We aim to promote healthy eating, and offering a range of high quality, responsibly sourced fish at affordable prices is a step towards that. We’re big on looking closely at where all our produce comes from, and we’ve got more MSC-certified sustainable seafood in our range by percentage than any other UK supermarket. Choosing seafood with the MSC certification means you’re choosing sustainable and traceable seafood, so whether you enjoy a delicate cod fillet or crunchy fishcake, you’ll find something that takes your fancy in our range.


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All our Lighthouse Bay wild-caught fresh fish carries the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) seal, a guarantee that it has been caught in accordance with strict environmental fishing standards. The MSC was formed almost 20 years ago to find a solution for over-fishing and keep the world's oceans teeming with life. We brought out our first MSC fish products in October 2006 and have continually expanded our range since then.

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From Pole to Plate

One of the major challenges faced today is the preservation of maritime ecosystems and the safeguarding of fish stocks for future generations. To keep fish firmly on the menu in the future, Lidl supports the principles of responsible fishing.

‘All fishing impacts on the marine environment and we make sure this impact is at a sustainable level,’ MSC Commercial Manager Seth McCurry Middleton explained. ‘MSC’s vision is to safeguard our oceans, which are teaming with life, but need safety standards and monitoring to make sure that, very simply, we have enough fish for future generations to enjoy.

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MSC certified

The MSC is an independent, non-profit organisation whose task it is to improve the conditions of maritime ecosystems. When you buy MSC certified fish at Lidl – and we’re proud to say that 100% of our wild caught fresh fish is 100% certified – you’re doing more than just ease your conscience, or making a sustainable decision: you’re supporting sustainable fisheries around the world.

Our dedication to sustainable fishing has been recognised and we have won multiple MSC awards, including Mid-Sized Retailer of the Year 2021. 

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