Not for nothing is breakfast considered the most important meal of the day. Filling up on the right foods will give you the energy to power through your morning, whatever it is you’ve got planned. From cereal and muesli to a wide selection of spreads and preserves, browse our breakfast range for everything you need to get started in the morning.

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Delight your taste buds with our delicious range of Crownfied cereals, made with only the highest quality ingredients to ensure you enjoy the best possible start to the day. 

little ones will love our Frosted Flakes and Chocolate Hoops, now with 20% less sugar, or you can fill up on fibre and nutrients with a bowl of Bran Flakes, wheat biscuits or milled lindseed. Look out, too, for the Crownfield muesli bars in a variety of flavours – the perfect snack for lunchboxes.



Maribel Thin Cut Marmalade

Maribel Thin Cut Marmalade is just the right balance between sweet and tart, with plenty of finely sliced peel for a zesty kick. 

Jam-packed with fruit, it has a smooth texture which spreads easily – perfect for smothering on a piece of toast.

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Maribel gives you the perfect start to your day, with a wide selection of jams and preserves. Fruity and delicious, they are packed with fine ingredients for a chunky texture bursting with flavour.

Whether you're waking up to toast and marmalade or need a fruity filling for a sponge cake, there's plenty to choose from in our Maribel range.


Highgate Fayre Squeezy Clear Honey

Highgate Fayre Clear Honey in a convenient squeezy tube, perfect for drizzling over cereal, adding to hot drinks or spreading on toast.

It's great for baking and cooking, too – try adding to roast parsnips, or mixing with your other favourite flavours to create a sticky sauce for meats and stir-fries.