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Our award-winning Flower Market is a great way to add colour and style to your home, inside and out. We’re proud to say we’ve won the Retail Industry Award for Fresh Flower Supermarket of the Year 4 times in a row…so whether you’re looking for seasonal plants or beautiful bouquets, you can find a blooming wonderful range of best-in-class plants and flowers in store. Each variety of flower is carefully selected to last as long as possible, and our plant selection changes throughout the year to help keep your garden, balcony or even windowsill looking its best. 


5 ways to keep your greenery going for longer

1. Most houseplants like to be watered twice a week, so don't leave them thirsty (nor too waterlogged, for that matter).

2. The best kind of light for indoor plants is partial light with some shadow. Keep an eye on the colour of the plant's leaves – you'll soon know if you need to move it!

3. Green plants should be fertilised moderately; do this twice a month for most of the year, or once a month during the winter (as they'll be in their 'rest' period).

4. Repot your plants in good time – the best time to do this is the beginning of spring, but you can do it at other times throughout the year.

5. Your houseplants are still growing so make sure you give them the space to do this. As you repot your plants keep giving them a larger space to grow in, with plenty of room for their roots.

Making the most of bedding plants

Our beautiful bedding plants can add a splash of colour to beds, borders, containers, window boxes and hanging basket. Take a look at our tips for planting and keeping them looking their best.

1. Choose your location wisely. Plants should be spaced roughly 20cm apart and planted in full sun or part shade (not areas with no direct sunlight as this can cause unnecessary stretching in the plants).

2. Dig a hole that is big enough for the plant roots to sit in but not so deep that the foliage will be covered too.

3. Squeeze the underside of the plant pack to gently remove them and place into the hole, filling up the sides with soil. Don’t do your planting during the hottest part of the day as it can cause heat stress in the plants.

4. Once your plants have been filled in with soil give them a generous watering. Don’t forget to water them regularly – every day during warm weather – as the soil should always feel damp to the touch.

Bring some of the outside in with this fragrant favourite

Scent your drawers by drying out sprigs of lavender and placing them in fabric pouches – lavender is a natural moth repellent too!

Transform your bathroom into a spa by tying a bunch of lavender to the top of your fixed shower attachment, or by filling a muslin bag with dried lavender to create a relaxing bath soak.

Use as an ingredient either to add floral flavour to cakes and biscuits or to give your morning smoothie fragrance and texture. You can even steep it in hot water to make a relaxing tea.

  • Keeping flowers fresh

    The key to keeping flowers fresh for as long as possible is clean water, and the water in your vases should be refreshed every two to three days. In place of flower food, dissolve a drop of bleach and a pinch of sugar in warm water in a small dish and add this to the water.

  • Arranging flowers in a vase

    Personalise your bouquets by adding extra foliage or wild flowers from your garden. Seasonal fruits, such as lychees and pears, are a lovely touch – simply stick them onto thin wire and tuck into the centre of the bouquet.


  • Step 1

    Prepare your flowers by removing the lower leaves from the stems – it helps to have a bucket or bin handy at this stage.

  • Step 2

    Cut the stems to the right length, leaving them just higher than your vase. Cutting the stems at an angle can increase the life of the flowers. 

  • Step 3

    Lay the stems across your palm and spiral the flowers in the same direction. This creates a polished look and protects any softer stems.

  • Step 4

    Tie the bouquet using garden twine – this puts less pressure on the stems. For ease, cut a length of twine before you start so you have it to hand.

  • Step 5

    Arrange more than one bunch together in the same vase for maximum impact. If you’re using a transparent vase, you can use leftover or garden foliage to fill it.

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