We’re proud to be supporting the NSPCC’s campaign to help parents change everyday moments into brain-building ones. Right from birth, every time you talk, sing or play with your baby, you’re not just bonding, you’re building their brain. From looking at what your baby is focusing on when they react, to copying the sounds they make. For some fun and easy tips to help you bring more Look, Say, Sing and Play into your daily routine with your baby, tailored to your child's age, sign up to the NSPCC's free brain-building tips emails here.

How are you building your baby's brain?

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During your child's earliest years, their brain makes 1 million neural connections every single second. Positive, supportive experiences with parents and other adults are important to their brain development. 

But it’s not about just singing or talking at your baby. Brain-building happens when you and your little one are interacting with each other. It’s about taking a cue from them, and reacting to what they’re doing. You could think of it like a game of tennis – going back and forth between the two of you.

Find out more about how to Look, Say, Sing, Play with your baby with the NSPCC.