Trying to think of ways to keep the kids active whilst spending more time at home? Look no further, as we’ve teamed up with our partner Tough Mudder and their official trainer Born Barikor to bring you a whole range of fun activities and videos. From energetic at-home workouts to obstacle courses you can build together as a family, there are plenty ways to keep the kids moving at home. Keep checking in, as these videos will be updated every Friday with something fresh and new to try! 

Are you ready for some exciting adventures at home?


Lidl Mudder Home Workouts with Born Barikor  

Born Barikor is a fitness entrepreneur and official Tough Mudder trainer. His Lidl Mudders Avery, Pascal and Blakely-Rae are full of energy and love training with their dad to create Lidl Mudder workout videos that inspire other families to keep active from the comfort of their own home.

Smoothie video

This week…sparkling smoothies! Born Barikor shows us how to make this quick treat, super easy to do at home (even if you don’t have a smoothie bike!)

Turn putting away the groceries into an exercise challenge…Born Barikor shows us how to make this a fun task for the kids. Take a look! 


From bear crawls to frog jumps and lots in between, it’s time to give these home workouts a go – all with fun animal names!

Born video

Give this week’s workout a go and get the kids moving  – Born Barikor shows you how to have fun with balloon volleyball and at-home bowling.

Fancy a post workout treat? Born Barikor has a tasty smoothie recipe packed with fruit that the whole family can enjoy. Plus, here’s a super quick workout for the kids, including running on the spot and pencil jumps.

Lidl Mudder Video 8

Born Barikor has lots of ideas on how to create your very own Lidl Mudder obstacle course at home. From crawling and jumping to catching and throwing  - keep the kids moving this summer!

Lidl Mudder video 7

Watch Born's top tips on how to keep active at home as a family while having fun.

Freestyle video

Born Barikor’s got another at home workout for the kids – this week, get ready to do fast feet, pencil jumps and side shuffles…

Lidl Mudder Video 5

Take a look at Born Barikor’s Lidl Mudder workout, with freestyle dance, running on the spot and muddy monsters on the agenda.

Lidl Mudder Video 4

Try exercises and get the kids moving at home with sprints, burpees and hopscotch.

Lidl Mudder home video 2

Try this Lidl Mudder home challenge and get the kids moving with med balls smashes and more.

Lidl Mudder Video3

Here’s another at-home challenge to keep the kids moving, starting with a freestyle dance warm-up.

Lidl Mudder Video

Watch Born Barikor’s Lidl Mudder workout – this week, we’re crawling and obstacle course building.

Lidl Mudder

Lidl Mudder is our exhilarating 1-mile mud-fest obstacle course which will be touring the country as part of the Tough Mudder challenges, as well as at festivals - giving kids everywhere a chance to get muddy and work as a team. The obstacle course is designed for kids aged 5-12, featuring a monkey swing, a laser maze and even a mini Everest - the ultimate test, and a daring family day out to remember!

Kids image

Take a look at Lidl Mudder 2019

Lidl Mudder Video