What is Good To Give?

We’re making it easier for you to donate food items to local good causes – introducing Good to Give.


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At Lidl GB we are committed to making good food accessible to everyone. From cupboard staples to fridge essentials, we are Big On providing our customers with an affordable, high quality and well-balanced range of foods.

However, we know that achieving a varied nutritional diet can be most difficult for people reliant on food banks, and so we want to make a difference. That is why we are excited to introduce our new ‘Good to Give’ campaign.

Oat milk

We have identified 30 priority products, modelled on the Eatwell Plate, that will offer a greater variety of nutritional benefits to those reliant on food donations and labelled these with our ‘Good to Give’ Trustmark. Lidl shoppers planning to donate items can easily spot this signage in-store on shelves.

 The Trustmark was developed by Lidl in consultation with Neighbourly - a platform that connects surplus food with local good causes – after 87% of charities reported needing a greater range of food types to be donated to help beneficiaries  have a healthy, balanced diet**. Explore the range of products below.

**This research was conducted by Neighbourly in March 2021, with 1,126 Local Good Causes in the UK and Ireland responding. It followed a July 2020 survey by Neighbourly revealing the most critically-needed food items in the face of rising demand for food banks, the results of which are reflected in the full list of Good to Give items.