Introducing our brand-new no spill laundry detergent refill stations!

Innovative, economical and sustainable

These innovative laundry refill stations are already available at our Kinsgwinford, Swadlincote and Lichfield stores.

This technology is fully automated – helping to avoid any awkward spills created by manual refill machines and creating a fast and efficient customer experience.

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What Is It?

It is an automated, touchscreen, liquid refill machine. The machines can be found in-store in the laundry detergent section.

Our customers can choose their favourite detergent and/or fabric-softener, and refill it in a simple and intuitive way with our specially designed pouch; these can be found next to the machine.

Why are we doing it?

At Lidl GB we are dedicated to being big on quality, Lidl in price. Because we believe that good quality and value should go together, we are committed to providing our customers with cost saving solutions that can help their wallets and the planet!

Our new automated refilling stations offer our customers a highly streamlined and intuitive approach to reduce single use plastic. This will never cost more than the single use product; it will be the same price the first time you buy, which includes the cost of the ‘smart’ refillable Formil and/or Doussy pouch. Every other refill will save you 20p (compared to the equivalent single use bottle).

Environmental Impacts

Using the 'smart' refill pouches saves plastic (59g per refill), CO2 and water, and each refill means one less piece of plastic waste on the planet.

Our pouches have the official UK refillable logo, that guarantees at least 10 refills per package and is recyclable via our in-store flexible plastic recycling points.

How to use the Refill Pouch machine

How to use the Refill Pouch machine

Follow these quick simple steps to be on your way to refilling, saving, and helping the environment!

1. Pick up your refill pouch in store - Keep the cap on.

2. Select which Formil laundry detergent or Doussy fabric softener product you want to refill.

3. Slide your refill pouch into the refill machine until it clicks. The machine will automatically recognise your Formil refill pouch. N.B. You cannot use your own bottle or pouch.

4. Once the refill process is complete, simply collect the ticket printed with the barcode for your product.

5. For your first fill, you will pay for your refill pouch and product at the till with your ticket.

6. Bring back your empty pouch to refill and continue saving!

*The first purchase of the refill pouch and product will be the same cost as a normal purchase of our single- use bottle. For every other refill and purchase you will not be charged for the pouch, which means a 20p saving each time you refill.


No, the refill machines are currently only available in 3 stores, Kingswinford DY6 7BG, Lichfield WS13 6RL and Swadlincote

DE11 8JU.

The laundry refill station is situated on the shelf in the same aisle as all the other laundry detergents.

With the new refillable pouch, you will have an enhanced experience reusing your favourite laundry products.

Some benefits of using the new refillable pouch:

1. Faster fill times. Just 10 seconds total.

2. 100% flexible, light- weight and compact for your journey to the store.

3. New spill prevention technology.

No, you cannot use your own bottle. You can only use the Formil and Doussy refillable pouches available in the refill station. This is because they contain a special chip which the machine recognises, allowing them to be filled up to 980ml.

The machine also recognises new and reused refillable pouches, which is key to ensuring that you get your saving of 20p per reuse.

We have four laundry products in refillable pouches.

1. Formil Bio

2. Formil Non Bio

3. Formil Tropical Lily

4. Doussy Fabric Conditioner

No, the machine will print your ticket with a barcode. Bring this with you to the till when you’re ready to pay.

The refill machines can be used during the participating stores’ trading hours.

No, our Algramo refill stations are fully automated to refill your pouch without causing any messes or spillages. The new innovative pouch design comes with closed fill technology with a one way valve. This means you don't even have to remove the lid, simply slot it into the machine for a mess free fill.

Please bring back your damaged bottle or pouch and we will happily replace free of charge.

The laundry detergent refill machine is programmed to recognise the refill bottles on their first use to charge the same price as the equivalent single use product, and when refilled from the second time onward will discount 20p from this cost. If you have a payment query, please ask a member of store management in the relevant trial store, and if required, they can contact the system provider hotline on your behalf.