Fraud & Bribery

Fraud & Bribery

Fraud and bribery prevention policy


Lidl GB. is committed to safeguarding high legal, ethical and moral standards. It is equally committed to preventing, deterring and detecting fraud, bribery and all other corrupt business practices. Lidl GB. adopts a zero tolerance approach towards any such behaviour. Losses due to fraud, bribery and other corrupt business practices can be more than just financial in nature; they can potentially damage the Company’s reputation as well.

The ultimate objective is to create awareness of Fraud and Bribery Prevention in all areas of the business.


Lidl GB. believes that the implementation of effective fraud and bribery prevention measures is an integral part of modern, efficient management, and is a key driver in achieving success in its business objectives. Lidl conducts its activities with the aim of achieving its policy objectives by:

Creating awareness of Lidl corporate values with all staff by displaying our Company Principles in all areas of the business;

Having in place the necessary organisation, arrangements and resources to prevent and investigate any activities of fraud or bribery;

Ensuring that all relevant management and staff have received adequate training;

Having in place clear guidance on code of conduct with our business partners;

Having in place various means for staff and business partners to report any concerns that they may have regarding activities of fraud and bribery, if need be anonymously;

Having in place a formal compliance and audit function to assist in fraud and bribery detection, prevention and investigation.


All Lidl employees, business partners, their individual employees and other third parties can be assured that any reporting of reasonably held suspicions of fraud or bribery will be dealt with in absolute confidentiality, and will at no time be held against them.

Internal reporting may be done by informing the Line Manager, Employee Relations Consultant, the Head Office Legal & Compliance Department or via the Whistleblowing arrangements.

Business partners, their individual employees and other third parties may report by using the available Whistleblowing arrangements.