A Lidl first: Prevented Ocean Plastic

We’re proud to say we’re the first UK supermarket to launch new packaging using ‘Prevented Ocean Plastic’ – plastic which would have otherwise ended up in the ocean. Collected from the beaches and coastline around South East Asia, this initiative has, since its launch in 2020, stopped more than 240 tonnes of plastic from entering the ocean – that’s the same as 10 million plastic water bottles. Keep an eye out in store for our new packaging which is being rolled out across over 50% of our fresh fish packaging, including white fish and salmon. 

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From shore to store


key facts about ocean plastic

  • Did you know…

    Our new initiative aims to ensure that our fresh fish trays are made from a minimum of 30% Prevented Ocean Plastic.

  • The why

    This initiative has, since its launch in 2020, prevented the equivalent of 10 million water bottles from entering the marine environment.

  • The where

    Between 80% and 90% of the plastic that reaches the ocean enters from coastlines in developing regions such as South East Asia.

  • A UK supermarket first

    We’re the first UK supermarket to launch new packaging using Prevented Ocean Plastic.

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