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At Lidl, we’re committed to investing in the future of British agriculture, and the hardworking farmers who supply us. Our Grassroots Farming Partnership helps support the new generation of farmers in tackling some of the biggest challenges in the industry today, while providing the stability needed for growth and investment.


We’re working with these young farmers to make buying milk more sustainable end to end – improving transparency, more efficient farming and packaging that’s better for the planet too – and in turn they know we’ll give them a price that’s fair. It’s all part of our promise to back British farming.

Meet James, one of our dairy farmers

Working closely with farmers across the country, we have formed the Lidl Grassroots Dairy Partnership. This supports those like James, a third-generation dairy farmer working on 320 acres. As one of our ambassadors, James has been able to meet with other young farmers around the country, sharing ideas and success stories.


Our fixed-price guarantee on the milk he produces means he has stability to act on what he learns, investing in new technology and progressive farming methods.

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Our Grassroots Farming Partnership helps support the new generation of dairy farmers


Lidl changes for the better

  • A fixed-price for farmers

    Providing farmers a guaranteed fixed-price enables stability to grow their business.

  • Recycled materials

    Incorporating 30% recycled materials into packaging, cutting back 70 tonnes of plastic. 

  • Animal welfare

    Working to continually improve animal welfare, above and beyond national industry standards.

  • Sustainable animal feed

    Certifying 100% of our soy, used as animal feed, as sustainable.

  • Responsible antibiotic usage

    Progressing targets on responsible antibiotic usage, achieving a 71% reduction.

  • Collaboration & engagement

    Engagement through annual open days with Grassroots farmers, sharing ideas for industry sustainability.