This report details the actions taken by Lidl Great Britain Limited to ensure ongoing compliance with the Groceries Supply Code of Practice, which came into force on 4th February 2010.

This document also gives account, for the Company’s last full financial year (FY 18/19), of any allegations or Disputes that were raised by Suppliers, the level at which they were raised and resolved.


Actions undertaken prior to commencement of GCSOP:

In conjunction with external solicitors:

All existing Terms and Conditions checked for compliance with the Code.

Reference to GSCOP made in relation to all existing contracts.


Review of 2018-2019

In-house compliance measures:

GCA Visit 01.05.19:

The CCO invited the GCA and her team to its Head Office on 01.05.19 for a meeting with its Chief Executive Officer, Commercial Board Director, and Board Director for Administration, and to hold a presentation for Lidl’s Senior Buying team in order to ensure that the topic of Code compliance remains high on the business agenda following the previous year’s successful visit.



Annual refresher training for Buyers and relevant members of Supply Chain, Accounts, QA, Artwork & Design, and Buying Administration was carried out by the CCO on 14.11.18, 05.02.19, 09.04.19, 15.04.19, 17.04.19, 26.04.19, 30.04.19, 02.05.19, and 22.05.19. Training for Lidl’s Head Office Supply Chain team and the regional Supply Chain Promotional Activity teams was carried out on 23.05.19 and 20.06.19.

A total of 119 employees were trained since last year’s Annual Report (of which 72 members of the Buying Team).


Internal Review of Policies:

In response to supplier feedback communicated to Lidl by the GCA, the CCO visited two Lidl depots to review the Goods In and delivery processes, and collaborated with the Buying department on the topics of supplier on-boarding and de-listing to further ensure the risk of Code breaches in these areas is mitigated.
The CCO continued to raise awareness of the GSCOP by extending the GSCOP training offer, continued to liaise with Lidl’s International HQ to mitigate the risk of GSCOP breaches and continued to monitor payment performance.



No disputes have been raised to the CCO under Articles 11(2) or 11(3) of the Groceries (Supply Chain Practices) Market Investigation Order 2009.


Sophie Wettlaufer

GSCOP Code Compliance Officer

Lidl GB Limited

Date: 28.06.19