Thank you for your interest in our Prize Draw.

The protection of your personal data is very important to us. We therefore strive to ensure that you maintain a right to determine what information you give. In the following, we would like to explain to you which personal data we collect, process and use when and for what purpose.

Participation in the Prize Draw

Purpose of processing data / legal basis:

To enter this Prize Draw you must provide us with the following personal information, which we will merely process to draw a winner and to contact you about your win. These will be retained for a maximum of 4 months and deleted afterwards:

Full name;

E-mail address


Please be aware that although Lidl may already possess the personal information detailed above owing to collection for other purposes (e.g. My Lidl Community) these terms only apply to the personal information collected for the sole purpose of this Prize Draw.

The legal basis for processing the above information is the fulfilment of the prize draw terms and conditions as set out in the terms and conditions. The personal information provided by you to us in connection with this Prize Draw will be used exclusively for administering the competition. This involves:

Verifying the identity of participants;

Entering participants into the draw;

Identifying the winner;

Notifying the winner;

Providing the full name and county of the winner upon receipt by Lidl of such a request in accordance with clause 2.9 of out terms and conditions; and

Investigating any claims that Lidl believes may be fraudulent in nature and taking further actions, such as legal proceedings where appropriate, in accordance with clause 5.4 of our terms and conditions.

Recipient/ Categories of recipient:

Customer services manage the Prize Draw in line with the Customer Privacy Notice Section 4.

Retention / criteria for deciding on retention:

The participants’ personal information collected for this Prize Draw will be kept securely and will be destroyed/anonymised no later than 4 months after the Prize Draw has been completed, the Winner announced and the prize fulfilled, except that:

In the case of material prizes, the data of the winners will be kept for the duration of the statutory warranty claims, in order to arrange for repair or replacement in the case of a defect;

In the case of any investigation for fraudulent activity or legal proceedings, personal data will be held until the proceedings and any related actions are completed;

The personal information collected for the purpose of this Prize Draw shall be destroyed immediately if you discontinue your participation in the Prize Draw.

For your rights please refer to our Customer Privacy Notice.

The name and contact details of the controller (Lidl):

Lidl Great Britain Limited.

Lidl House, 14 Kingston Road, Surbiton, KT5 9NU

Lidl Great Britain Limited (registered company number 02816429) and ICO reference number Z6682144

Status: 11.3.19