Lunchbox tips

Returning to the school routine doesn’t have to mean getting stuck in a lunchbox rut. Take a look at our lunchbox tips and creative combinations put together using products from our everyday range – so you can keep your little ones happy all year long.



  • Put Sunday evening to good use by getting ahead with food prep for the week. Hull strawberries, chop vegetables and boil up plenty of eggs for sandwiches and snacks.
  • If mornings are always a rush, put your lunchboxes together the night before.
  • Double up on dishes such as pasta, roasted vegetables and couscous - these will all work well for lunchbox leftovers.

Lunchbox 1


  • If your little ones are bored of bread add interest with wraps and pittas, or even croissants and naan bread stuffed with their favourite fillings.
  • Decanting yoghurt into smaller tubs means you can load it with tasty toppings –try banana and honey, or mixed berries and a handful of granola.
  • Make lunch more fun with stackable crackers, vegetable sticks and pots of dips –they’re healthier than crisps, too.

Lunchbox 2