Our Garden Event is our biggest ever, and for 10 whole weeks, we will help you spruce up your space without splashing out. Every week, you can find all kinds of handy tools, delightful decorations, beautiful blooms and tips for making the most of your outside space.

Discover our 10 week event…

Take a look below to see what’s in store when. But hurry – when it’s gone, it’s gone!

Event WeekDate products will be in storeWhat will be in store?
1From Thursday 11 MarchGet set for tidying and pruning your outdoor space.
2From Thursday 18 MarchEverything you need for pruning and planting.
3From Thursday 25 MarchPick up essentials for growing, watering and planting.
4From Thursday 1 AprilEverything you need for your outdoor space from lawnmowers to greenhouses.
5From Thursday 8 AprilDiscover lots of gardening essentials to refresh your outdoor space.
6From Thursday 15 AprilGive your outdoor space an update - from furniture to parasols….
7From Thursday 22 AprilKeep your garden looking tidy with trimmers, lawnmowers and more.
8From Thursday 29 AprilEverything you need for decorating your outdoor space from furniture sets to gazebos….
9From Thursday 6 MayGet your garden set for the season and beyond with our range of essentials.
10From Thursday 13 MayDiscover must-haves for planting and maintaining  your outdoor space….


Products for your outdoor space


Homemade compost

Did you know, homemade compost is a great way to add a nutrients to your lawn or garden - it not only fuels plant growth but also brings soil back to life.

Lovely leftovers

Green materials such as veg leftovers, egg shells, teabags, lemon and tangerine peels and grass clippings make great compost.

Growing lavender?

Dry and fill fabric pouches for keeping in drawers and wardrobes; it will make your clothes smell lovely and is also a natural moth repellent.

Top lavender tip!

Attach a bunch of lavender to the top of your fixed shower attachment. As your shower enclosure steams up, the aromas will start to be released, creating a spa-like experience.

Caring for your houseplants?

Too much light can damage certain plants leaves, leaving them to crisp up or change colour, so always research your plants likes and dislikes before just placing them in the window.

Watering your plants

Dry, desert type plants such as snake plants and succulents are able to last without water for long periods, whereas tropical rainforest plants prefer high humidity and regular showers. Generally, you should water your plants when the top inch of soil feels dry.


If your plants’ roots are growing through the drainage hole, it’s lifting out of its pot, or it keeps falling over as it’s too heavy for its current pot, it might be time to re-pot your plant.

Houseplant care

Top tip! Dust on leaves prevent your plant from getting the sunlight it needs. Damp cloths and water misters are perfect for giving smaller plants a quick clean.

Fertilising your plants

Did you know? The summer months are a perfect time to fertilise your house plant soil.

Blooms for butterflies

Help attract butterflies to your garden with hardy, fragrant plants such as lilac.

Outdoor décor

Plant stands are a great way of adding height to balconies and patios – ideal for potted plants and outdoor decorations

Plants and Flowers