Return, Recycle, Reward

It’s a great feeling doing things to help the planet, and an even better feeling when you get a little something back!


With our Return, Reward, Recycle scheme, you can now get rewarded for your recycling the next time you pop into store. Simply put up to 25 Lidl drinks bottles or tins into our recycling units and you can get up to £2.50 off your next shop. Easy!

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Here’s how to do it

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You can return empty glass, can or plastic drinks containers of sizes 50ml to 3 litres, which have been purchased from a Lidl store.

You can get up to £2.50 off your next shop, in the form of a money-off receipt.

You can only use 1 money-off voucher per transaction.

No, these vouchers can only be used in Lidl stores.

Containers don’t need to be cleaned, just empty of any residue and in an undamaged condition.

If the container is damaged, there’s still liquid inside the container or it’s been purchased from another retailer, our machines won’t recognise it.

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