Valid 01/04/2021 – 30/06/2021. This promotion is available to members of Lidl Plus who are UK residents (excl. NI) age 18+.

This reward entitles you to receive 2 months free lifetime pet insurance with Waggel when you sign up to a ‘lifetime’s pet insurance policy’ and 1 free pet biscuit per customer. This offer is for new customers only.

  • Payment details are required on sign-up
  • Offer is valid for 2 months from the completion of your purchase online.
  • The free pet biscuit will be delivered to your address within 30 days from sign up (unlimited number of stock available)
  • Offer available to new customers only and for cats and dogs only
  • This offer cannot cover pre-existing conditions that have started before taking out the policy.
  • Waggel is unable to insure certain breeds including Akita and Shar Pei. Full list of breeds here: https://www.waggel.co.uk/about/faq?section=eb 
  • The offer can only be claimed through the benefit URL on the Lidl Plus app. Enrolment by telephone or on the website without using the URL on the Lidl Plus app will not be valid and offer will not be applied.
  • The offer is a lifetime pet insurance policy which is continuous and renews automatically. The policy will auto-renew on a monthly basis after the 2 month free period for the price as stated on sign-up. The offer is 2 months free lifetime pet insurance and a free pet biscuit which will be delivered to your address within 30 days from sign up
  • Your monthly payment date and policy type is displayed here: www.waggel.co.uk/my-membership
  • Please make yourself aware of the date your free 2 month period is up as Waggel will not send out a reminder.
  • Payment will be taken after the 2 month free offer unless cancelled by the customer whilst in the 2 month free period.
  • Insurance Policy can be cancelled at any time from inside your account, the policy will cease immediately.       
  • Not combinable with other discounts or promotions, special events excluded.


This reward excludes certain products and services - excluded products can be found here: www.waggel.co.uk/lidl

Use of Waggel is subject to Waggel’s T&Cs as available here: https://www.waggel.co.uk/about/terms