Valid 02/08/2021 – 02/11/2021. This Promotion will be available to eligible members of Lidl Plus only who are also UK residents (excluding Northern Ireland), aged 18+. New British Gas Evolve or new British Gas customers signing up to a new dual fuel tariff only and who satisfy British Gas Evolve’s eligibility and validation requirements.

This Reward entitles each eligible customer to receive a £50 Lidl Plus coupon when you sign up to the exclusive dual fuel British Gas Evolve energy tariff only available to Lidl Plus members. British Gas Evolve energy prices are fixed for 12 months. British Gas Evolve energy tariff is a green, online only energy tariff, and it is not subject to exit fees. For information on British Gas Evolve electricity fuel mix, please visit: https://www.britishgasevolve.co.uk/fuel-mix

British Gas Evolve reserves all and any rights to refuse the Promotion to any customer who does not meet, or whose energy meter does not meet, the required eligibility requirements. For the avoidance of doubt, the Promotion relates to British Gas Evolve energy tariff only and does not include any other product or service provided either by British Gas Evolve or by any of its Affiliates.

  • The Promotion is available from 02 August 2021 until 23.59pm on 11 November 2021.
  • This Promotion is available to all residents of the UK (excluding NI) age 18+ who are taking on a dual fuel British Gas Evolve energy tariff.
  • Customers must sign up to tariff before the 2nd November 2021 after which it will be removed from the market.
  • Customer’s can cancel their contract with BG Evolve at any time.
  • The Promotion must only be redeemed through unique URL provided in Lidl Plus app.
  • Customers must use the same email address for British Gas Evolve as they do for Lidl Plus.
  • No exit fees, customer can switch at any time.
  • To qualify for this offer you must complete a take on to a dual fuel British Gas Evolve Energy Tariff via the dedicated landing page on the British Gas Evolve website as promoted via Lidl and provide a valid email address.
  • You must complete this fully online. Any other method of taking on this offer through the Promoter (including, inter alia, telephonically through the Promoter’s call centre) will not be eligible for the promotion.
  • If the application is cancelled or rejected by the Supplier, it will not be eligible for the Promotion.
  • Lidl will provide the Customer with a £50 Lidl Plus coupon for taking on a dual fuel British Gas Evolve energy tariff through a unique URL of British Gas Evolve.
  • The Promotion is not available to customers:

a) who are already supplied by British Gas Evolve or British Gas,

b) whose meters do not meet certain technical specifications (the Promotion is not available to customers who have non-domestic, prepayment or smart meters in a prepayment mode or who have Green Deal and other meters that are not compatible with BG Evolve)

  • The customer must agree to manage their account online and pay via Direct Debit.
  • The Promotion is not combinable with other discounts or promotions, special events are excluded.
  • The offer is limited to one registration per one Lidl Plus individual member.


Lidl Plus Coupon T&Cs:

Coupon valid for 14 days from receipt (actual dates shown on the coupon details in the Lidl Plus app) for £50 off shopping when you spend £50 or more in a single transaction. Alcohol and infant formula does not count towards the spend amount. Must spend £50 to redeem. Cannot be used in conjunction with other Lidl Plus coupons which give a discount on overall spend in a single transaction. Cannot redeem on alcohol and infant formula. Present coupon at time of purchase. Redeemable by Lidl Plus account holder, 18+ in Lidl GB branches. Screenshots, pictures or printouts not accepted; only original coupons within app are valid. Coupon value is 0.0001p, is non-exchangeable, non-transferable and non-refundable. Data charges may apply. Full coupon discount must be used, no change will be given. Coupon remains property of Lidl Great Britain Limited. Not for resale or publication. Proportion of total coupon discount will be deducted from each item purchased. If number of promotional items exceeds total coupon discount (in pence), proportion of total coupon discount will be deducted in scan order. Any refunds on items purchased using the discount will be refunded at the discounted price (with no credit refunded for the coupon or applicable portion of the coupon used on such item). Promoter: Lidl Stiftung & Co. KG, Stiftsbergstraße 1, 74167 Neckarsulm, Germany.


Although being exclusive to Lidl Plus loyalty members only, the promotional British Gas Evolve energy tariff may not be the cheapest energy tariff which British Gas Evolve or any of its Affiliates has available in the market during the relevant Term.Use of British Gas Evolve energy tariff is subject to the British Gas Evolve T&Cs as available here: https://www.britishgasevolve.co.uk/evolve-terms