Wee Jock 80 Shilling, 4.4%


£ 1.59
each, £3.18/L
  • 500ml

STYLE - Scottish 80 Shilling.
TASTE - Silky toffee and caramel notes with a subtle spicy finish. 
HOPS - First Gold, Perle, Magnum.

Wee Jock 80 Shilling is a full-on sessionable brew packed with rich traditional flavours with a unique twist. Kicking off with a sticky toffee nose that’s beautifully finished off by an enjoyable spicy aftertaste. The First Gold, Perle and Magnum hops are surrounded by silky caramel notes that come to an edgy finish with a subtle spicy surprise. Hand-crafted by Brougthon Ales brewery in the Scottish Borders. Scotland's first independent craft brewery, since 1979. 

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