Roisin Tayberry, 4.2%


£ 1.79
each, £4.07/L
  • 440ml

STYLE - Tayberry Fruit Beer
TASTE - Sweet Scottish Tayberry flavours with a light tart finish. 
HOPS - Magnum, Savinjski Goldings, Cascade.

Róisín pours like pink champagne with sweet berry aromas. Indigenous to Scotland, the tayberry fruit is a unique cross between a raspberry and blackberry which you’ll find carries through to the taste of this delicious fruit beer. Through sweet hops of Magnum, Savinjski Goldings and Cascade you’ll find juicy notes of berry with a satisfyingly light tart finish. Brought to you by Williams Brothers Brewing. A Family owned independent, award-winning brewery with over 30 years’ experience.

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