Cesar Augustus, 4.1%


£ 4.49
each, £2.55/L
  • 4 x4 40ml

STYLE - Lager / IPA Hybrid
TASTE - Crisp clean notes with a discrete bitter finish.

HOPS - Citra, Magnum, Ekuanot, Cascade.

Named after one of Ancient Rome’s most successful leaders Caesar Augustus, this supreme hybrid creation encompasses the crisp clean notes of the finest lager with the discrete bitter finish of a well-balanced IPA. Combining hops of Citra, Magnum, Ekuanot and Cascade to create a powerful, sharp taste that unifies notes of crisp zesty citrus with a satisfying dry biscuity finish. Brought to you by Williams Brothers Brewing. A Family owned independent, award-winning brewery with over 30 years’ experience.

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