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PARKSIDE Multi-Purpose Detector / Moisture Meter

Choose from:

Multi-Purpose Detector

  • Finds current-carrying cables, metal components, wooden beams and cavities
  • Exact location finding via intensity graphics and supporting audible alarm
  • 3 adjustable sensitivity levels for detecting live cables with voltage warning display
  • Battery charge level indicator
  • Battery included
  • Includes a marking pencil and instruction manual
  • 4 detector functions: depth detection
  • Live cable: up to 50mm
  • Metal component: up to 30mm
  • Wooden beams: up to 19mm
  • Cavity: up to 38mm
  • Battery included

Moisture Meter

  • For measuring moisture in walls, cladding, building materials or firewood
  • 6 different material groups to choose from for precise measurement
  • Additional temperature measurement
  • With a protective cap for the measuring pins
  • Extra small and handy
  • Batteries included
  • Moisture measuring range: 0-44%
  • Temperature display: in °C / °F
£ 9.99