Parkside Automatic Welding Helmet

£ 34.99
  • Suitable for tungsten inert gas welding processes (TIG) ; also with low currents from 10A
  • Comfortable working with elevated safety thanks to the particularly large “XXL” field of view
  • True-Colour filter with more realistic colour representation (compared to conventional welding filters)
  • Protection with automatic darkening when striking the arc
  • Sensor-controlled system with very fast reaction time (DIN EN 379, class
  • Automatic shade control - allows for convenient, uninterrupted work
  • With a test button to check functionality
  • Clears automatically when you finish welding
  • Adjustable sensitivity and brightening time
  • (0.1-0.8 sec)
  • Adjustable DIN protection level with side thumbwheel
  • Can also be adjusted for flying sparks when grinding
  • Welding helmet power supply from a solar

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