Parkside Angle Grinder Accessories

£ 4.99
per pack
  • For standard angle grinders (e.g. Parkside, Bosch, Black & Decker, Einhell, Makita, Kress, Metabo)


Choose from:

Diamond Cutting Disc Set - 4 pack

  • Durable with high cutting power
  • Cutting discs for wet and dry cutting
  • 1 full-edge disc for wet cutting ceramics, tiles, marble slabs, thin granite and similar materials 1 segment disc for dry cutting concrete, roofing tiles, bricks or similar materials 2 turbo discs for universal wet/dry cutting
  • Size: Ø125mm / bore 22.23mm / steel blade 1.2mm
  • Max. rotation speed: nmax 12,250rpm / max 80m/s)


Wire Cup Brush

  • Ideal for removing rust, varnish or paint from metal
  • Twist knotted brush for metal surfaces
  • Thread: M14
  • Rotation speed: nmax 12,500rpm


Cutting Disc Set - 11 pieces

  • For working with thin edges and metal pipes
  • 11 cutting discs for metal
  • Dimensions: 125 x 1.2mm (Ø x H) / bore Ø22.23mm
  • Rotation speed: nmax. 12,250rpm / max. 80m/s


Cutting/Grinding Disc Set - 11 pieces

  • For metal and stone building materials, e.g. pipes, edges, tiles and slabs
  • 5 cutting discs for metal: flat, 125 x 1.2mm (Ø x H)
  • 5 cutting discs for stone: flat, 125 x 1.2mm (Ø x H)
  • 1 grinding disc for metal: depressed-centre, 125 x 6mm (Ø x H)
  • Bore: 22.23mm
  • Rotation speed: nmax 12,250rpm / 80m/s

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