Summer Breeze Gin & Tonic

House of Elrick Distillery, Aberdeen- Scotland

£ 1.99
each, £7.96/L
  • 5.5% vol.
  • 250ml
  • Taste: Fresh apples and ripe raspberry flavours bursting out of this thirst-quenching drink
  • Serving: Over ice or straight from the can
  • Botanicals: Apple, raspberries, juniper and pink peppercorns

Fresh apples and ripe raspberry flavours come bursting out of this fruity Summer Breeze Gin & Tonic, from the House of Elrick distillery in Newmacher. The distillery houses a 500L Copper Pot Still specifically manufactured to their own specification by LHS & Speyside Copper, Scotland. With key botanical flavours of juniper and pink peppercorns, serve this fruity gin over ice. 

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