Silvercrest Walkie-Talkie

£ 29.99
  • With a long range of up to 8km
  • 16 radio channels – with 38 analogue CTCSS codes each and 83 digital CDCSS codes each for improved privacy
  • VOX function: voice-activated transmission with 3 microphone sensitivity settings
  • Automatic noise reduction, 2-channel search and automatic scan function for finding active channels
  • Acoustic room monitoring function
  • Robust, drip-proof exterior (IPX2)
  • Includes batteries
  • Free close-range communication – ideal for a variety of outdoor activities
  • LCD display with backlight and battery status indicator
  • With permanent aerial and removable belt clip
  • Headphone jack (suitable for many PMR headsets with PTT button, microphone and 2.5mm jack)
  • Volume control, touch tones, key lock, stopwatch function and 15 ringtones
  • Devices can be charged via USB
  • Cordless running time: up to 11 hours (5% transmit time, 5% receive time, 90% standby time)
  • 3-year warranty

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