Hatchimals Royal Snow Ball Coleggtibles

£ 3.99
  • Get your colleggtibles glammed up for the upcoming Royal Snow Ball with this 2 pack including a glittery royal throne
  • With a hidden accessory to discover inside every sparkly royal egg, you can dress up your colleggtible and mix and match accessories
  • Inside this pack, you could hatch classic glittery Hatchimals that love to ice skate; Royal Rare Mermals wearing metallic crowns; limited edition Glitter Salon friends with real hair; ultra rare Princess Pairs of Royal Twins and more
  • To start hatching, hold one of the eggs in your palm and warm it up until the purple heart turns pink, gently press down to crack the shell and meet your new friend
  • Once you’ve hatched both eggs, place your characters in their throne – perfect for playing or displaying
  • Each 2 pack includes 2 Hatchimals, 2 accessories and a throne
  • Age recommendation: 5+ years

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