Aqua Crystals/ Tybo Crystal Maker or Mixing Orb

RRP: £14.99
£ 9.99
  • Age recommendation: 6+ years

Choose from:

Aqua Crystals Crystal Maker

  • Just add water to make endless crystal creations such as sparkly rings, hair accessories, dream charms, necklace pendants, bracelets, key rings and more – the possibilities are endless
  • Simply choose your mould, fill with the colourful magical crystal to create a unique design, add water and wait for your creations to be revealed
  • Perfect as gifts for your friends

Tybo Mixing Orb

  • A unique tie-dye experience with no mess, and great results every time – the unique patented magic mixing orb is easy to use, utilising a oneway valve system
  • Has everything you need to make anything from tie-dye t-shirts to canvas bags (fabrics not included)
  • Simply unscrew the cap and base to rinse through with cold water, keeping your hands dye free
  • Includes elastic bands and 3 amazing brightly coloured dyes

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