Parkside Forestry Safety Helmet

£ 12.99
  • Ideal for working with cutting equipment such as chainsaws, hedge trimmers or pruners
  • Reliably protects your head, face, eyes and hearing
  • Padded headband with practical knob for adjusting the circumference ( 54–63cm)
  • Removable folding visor with fine-meshed metal grid to protect against shavings or splinters
  • Adjustable distance between face and visor
  • Padded, foldable ear defenders (size L) with 23dB hearing protection (SNR) – ear defenders can be adjusted for maximum comfort
  • Complies with the Personal Protective Equipment
  • Regulation (EU) 2016/425
  • Helmet tested as per EN 397
  • Folding visor tested as per EN 1731
  • SNR 23 dB hearing protection tested as per EN 352-3

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