Parkside Router

£ 29.99
  • For versatile and precise working of wood, lightweight building materials and non-ferrous metals
  • Adjustable depth stop with fine adjustment
  • Fast routing depth selection with 6-stage revolving limit stop
  • Adjustable rotation speed
  • Easy tool change with integrated spindle restraint
  • Connection for external dust extraction including adaptor and reducer
  • Precisely adjustable parallel guide with fine adjustment
  • Template guide for precise reproduction of cutting shapes
  • Calliper point for circle cutting function
  • Quick-release lever for routing depth restraint
  • Suitable for standard router bits with 6 or 8mm shaft
  • Includes 6-piece router bit set for wood, 2 collets (6 and 8mm, one of which is pre-mounted), parallel guide with fine adjustment, template guide, calliper point, adaptor for external dust extraction including reducer, open-ended spanner and hex key
  • Rated input: 1,200W
  • No-load rotation speed: 11,000–30,000rpm
  • Routing depth: 55mm
  • Tool holder: 6 and 8mm
  • Power cable length: 4m
  • 3-year warranty

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