Parkside Hot Glue Gun

£ 7.99
  • A must-have gadget for your festive arts and crafts projects as well as bonding and sealing
  • 2 operating modes: cordless for small gluing tasks and corded for continuous gluing tasks
  • Quick heat-up time of just 5 minutes (150ºC)
  • Charger stand for heating up the hot glue gun for cordless use
  • With integrated folding stand which allows the glue gun to remain upright when not using the charger stand
  • For Ø11mm glue sticks
  • Includes 3 L18cm glue sticks
  • Max. temperature: 190ºC (+/- 10ºC)
  • Power consumption: 25W (500W when heating up)
  • Cable length: 2m

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