Big on…boo!

Tricks, treats, a creepy cake and spooky sweets, whether you’ve got a spine-tingling party to prep for or a ghoulish gathering with friends and family, we’ve got everything you need for Halloween. From weird and wonderful costumes for big kids and little kids, to decorations for your home, we’ll make sure your Halloween is frighteningly fun.

Time to have a peek at our Monster Market if you dare…

meet the family

  • Frank

    While outwardly intimidating, when you get down to the nuts and bolts of Frank he’s a big cuddly softy with wisecracks that’ll leave you in stitches. When not chilling at home with a big bag of his favourite sweets, Frank enjoys long ambling runs through the local torch-lit village. Fun Fact – It’s pronounced 'Fronk', not 'Frank'.

  • Becky

    A busy mum with a passion for homeware and ceramics (you would too if you kept your organs in a jar). When not wrapped up in her career as a hieroglyphics translator and blogger, Becky loves nothing more than yoga, spa days and movie nights with her kids Ramses, Imhotep and Jane. Fun Fact –Becky was an extra in the video for Cleopatra’s smash ’98 hit – Comin’ Atcha.

  • Harry

    The biggest socialite of his day (which admittedly was 1820), Harry – or Hazza to his chums – spends his nights spinning the tunes on the decks at his local haunts and his days taking selfies in the mirror at the gym, which is a workout in itself. Fun Fact – Harry has been undead dressage champion four centuries running.



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