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At Lidl, we’re so committed to backing the future of British farming, that 100% of our fresh milk, butter, eggs, cream, chicken and beef comes from our British suppliers. Working with trusted suppliers and young farmers across the country, we’re investing £15 billion into British food and farming in the next 5 years, continuing to bring you fresh, quality produce now and long into the future.

Our Highlights

  • Backing British farming

    Over 60% our products are sourced from British suppliers.

  • Our future investment

    We are investing £15 billion into British food and farming in the next 5 years.

  • Red Tractor assured

    100% of our British produce is assured by the Red Tractor, meaning its farmed with care.

  • Fridge favourites from British suppliers

    100% of our fresh milk, butter, eggs, cream, chicken and beef is from British suppliers.

Meet our farmer Gareth, and his happy hens


Bright whites and yellow yolks aren’t the only colours that come to mind when you think of our eggs, especially when you visit our farmer, Gareth, at his home in Powys, Wales. There’s the rich russet of the Lohmann Brown hens and the lush green grass where they roam.

“All our birds are free-range,” says Gareth. “They can go in and out as they please.”

You’ll find both the British Lion and RSPCA Assured stamps on all our egg boxes (which, by the way, are 100% recyclable). These set the standards for keeping hens, with the highest possible welfare the top priority.

A lot goes in to creating the right environment for hens to lay their best eggs. Gareth provides his hens dust baths and grit to peck at to help encourage natural behaviour, and they’ve got plenty of toys to keep them busy too. “As well as being the right thing to do, it’s the best thing to do too,” says Gareth. “Stressed hens lay less. Every good farmer should want happy hens.”

Freshness is also key. With his hens laying daily for 12-day cycles, Gareth and his parents collect the eggs every day and stamp them with a unique code which can be traced back to their farm. After being sent for packing, Gareth’s eggs can be in-store within days of being laid: “I think it’s nice to know that these eggs have come straight from the shed to your house!”

Meet Henry, our chicken farmer


Henry wasn’t long out of agricultural college when he took over the family business, and takes pride in being one of the new breed of farmers: “Everyone has an idea in their head of what a farmer should look like, but you don’t see me in a flat cap and wellies.” Henry combines modern technology with good old- fashioned farming instincts to ensure his birds are raised to the highest possible welfare standards. “If my birds aren’t happy, you can guarantee I’m not happy either!’

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