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Lidl Monster Market

Teatime treats (and tricks too)

  • Mini Medusas
    Mini Medusas

    Mini Medusas

    Make your own version of Medusa, a snake-haired monster in Greek mythology whose face could turn men to stone. Scoop the top out of an apple, pour in melted chocolate and fill with jelly snakes. Use to play musical statues.

  • eggs

    Devil’s Eyes

    Mix hard-boiled egg yolks with mayonnaise and tomato purée, then spoon back into the egg and garnish with a black olive pupil. For a trick-or-treat game, add hot sauce to a third of the mixture and play spicy egg roulette.

  • See the full recipe
  • Mixed Peppers
    Mixed Peppers

    Carved pepper dip bowls

    Carefully carve gruesome faces into deseeded mixed peppers and fill with your favourite dips – try salsa in the orange pepper and guacamole in the red.

  • Banana

    Chilling chocolate fruit pops

    Cut bananas in half, slide onto skewers and dip in melted white chocolate. Use fruit, nuts or chocolate raisins to create a spooky ghost face.

Here today, ghoul tomorrow