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Lidl Monster Market

the ultimate party

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  • Halloween eggs
    Halloween eggs

    Devil’s eyes

    Mix hard boiled egg yolks with mayonnaise and a squirt of tomato purée, then scoop bag into the egg and garnish with a black olive pupil. For a trick-or-treat game, add hot sauce to a third of the mixture and play spicy egg roulette. 

  • Halloween Apples
    Halloween Apples

    Medusa apples

    Medusa is a snake-haired monster from Greek mythology who could turn men to stone with one fierce look. Make your own using a half-cored apple, jelly worms and melted chocolate to hold them in place. The perfect prop for play musical statues!

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  • Halloween fingers
    Halloween fingers

    Chilling chocolate fruit pops

    Cut bananas in half, slide onto skewers and dip in melted white chocolate. Use fruit, nuts and chocolate chips to decorate in a suitable spooky way – we like flaked almond fingernails or using raisins to make ghosts. 

  • Halloween Peppers
    Halloween Peppers

    Carved pepper dip bowls

    Carefully carve gruesome faces into deseeded mixed peppers. Fill a couple with your favourite dips – try salsa in the green pepper and guacamole in the red – and place an LED candle in the orange pepper to cast a glow over the table.  

halloween boooooquets

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