Say hello to our Lidl family (featuring Robbie the robin, and Snowman too!) as they share with us their festive favourites from our Christmas range. Bringing heaps of festive cheer, a few pigs in blankets and plenty of award-winning Christmas pud, the magic of the season’s in the cake and sprouts and gin - because this year we’re big on a Christmas you can believe in.



Robbie is the best in the business when it comes to playing a Christmas advert robin. Though she's a bit miffed that she's never been asked to sing. She’s a regular in people’s gardens, but never understands why they try and feed her worms…she would much prefer a Deluxe mince pie crumb or two. 



Somya is six and three quarters years old, which is a lot older than she’s ever been before! Her dream Christmas dinner starts and ends with Christmas pudding (apparently that’s not allowed). She painted her own nails in different colours especially for Christmas day and only knocked over the nail polish seven times, which is a new record.



Tom is the turkey-cooking master. He’s got five different cookbooks and eight different websites open to make sure this year’s turkey is the best yet! The only thing better than his Deluxe Christmas turkey? Tom’s Infamous Boxing Day Turkey Sandwiches. Take a peek at his top-secret recipe here.



Neeta can’t believe it’s already Christmas! She swears it was September only last week. Her daughter Somya gave her a lifetime ban on boardgames, after she was caught cheekily cheating last year. So, she’s in charge of popping open the Lidl bubbly and devouring some delicious Favorina and Deluxe sweet treats.



Grandad has always loved Christmas…mainly because of all the food! Though this year he’s also very excited about a suspiciously slipper shaped present under the tree. One of the best things about being a Grandad is the excuse to fall asleep whenever and wherever you fancy. 


Snowman has always dreamed of being the star of the show. He thinks Broadway is probably too far to roll, so he’s determined to make it into Lidl’s Christmas ad instead. This is the third carrot nose Somya’s given him. He keeps munching them when she’s not looking. For more back-up snowman noses and other fresh fruit and veg click here.



Snowflake is a daredevil. Well, sort of. After flaking out of jumping down from the sky at first, he found his courage and now there’s nothing that can stop him. As long as everyone stops lighting their puddings on fire, please! Have a look at some of Snowflake’s favourite flammable and non-flammable desserts here.

See our Christmas characters in action