Meet our Christmas characters

Have you seen our festive TV advert? Take a look here to see our Christmas characters in action, and find out a little bit more about the family below…


Say hello to dad, Phil

Phil takes Christmas traditions very seriously. He always wears a Lidl Christmas jumper, and always carves the turkey with the latest gadgets. He always buys too many sprouts and always eats them all anyway – oops! After years of practice, he reckons this turkey recipe is an absolute winner. Just ask Uncle Gary, it’s “beaauuuutiful!” His festive favourite this year is the Braemoor Basted Large Turkey With Giblets.


Meet mum, Grace

Grace is a high-flying pilot. Her route once took her around the world and back again every week, but lately, she’s been flying to other dimensions. Come Christmas, she takes a whole week off to spend time with the love of her life, Oggy the dog. Oh and her husband, Phil, and daughter, Maxine. Grace’s top pick this Christmas is the delightfully decadent Deluxe Black Forest Roulade.


Say hi to Maxine

Being the one and only child, Maxine is the star on the family tree. When she’s not performing her own version of the Queen’s speech, she’s obsessing over pigs in blankets – as well as our Deluxe Hand Cooked Potato Crisps. Check out the recipe for her latest pigs in blanket creation here.


Meet Auntie Mo

As a vegan, Auntie Mo, always helps out with some plant-based Christmas cooking every year. When it comes to present-giving, her gifts are always a surprise, and she gets them from the Middle of Lidl on Christmas Eve. Her top pick for the festive season this year? It’s the Deluxe Vegan Sausage and Cranberry Wreath.


Introducing Uncle Gary

Uncle Gary flies in each year, showing off his tan and hairstyle from Spain, The Moon or the second coolest trending location of the year. His jokes never get any better, in fact, they’re on repeat. Uncle Gary may be here there and everywhere, but always makes sure he’s with the family for Christmas, enjoying one or two Deluxe All Butter Mince Pies.


Season’s Greetings to Nan

Nan is the head of the family, and a real hoot, too. Since handing the carving knife to Phil, her son in law, Christmas Day is her ‘knees up’ of the year. She always brings so much fun to the dinner table (even though she ends up snoozing through charades). But nothing will stop her waking up for one more helping of dessert, especially our Deluxe Luxury 9 Month Matured Christmas Pudding. That’s tradition.


Meet Oggy, the best doggy

Oggy is a rescue dog with one mission in life. Scraps. Maxine is his main target, being the youngest and most likely to drop things. Plus, he’s using the latest in laser tech to try and snaffle treat or two on Christmas Day. Oggy the dog is going vegan this year, so if you’re also looking for some plant-based inspiration too, take a look at our collection of meat-free recipes.