Using up leftover turkey

Once the big day is over, more often than not there’s plenty going spare that we didn’t get around to eating. From storing and freezing turkey to leftover recipe ideas, we’ve put together some handy hints and tips to help you make the most of your leftover roast.

Turkey FW

Storing your turkey

Fridge it

Try and remove all the meat from the turkey once you’ve finished with your Christmas meal. This makes it a bit easier to store in the fridge, and you can divide the meat into separate containers ready for those delicious leftover sandwiches like this one with crispy fried sprouts.

Freeze it

You can freeze cooked turkey meat so divide it into portions and seal in freezer safe bags. Make sure you add a date onto the bag so you know how long you have to use it up, and once defrosted, eat it within 24 hours.

Plus, if you’re inspired to make the most of other leftovers you have, check out 15 foods you didn’t know you could freeze. You might be surprised to find out you can freeze wine, eggs, cheese and much more!

Leftover recipes

Think beyond the Boxing Day sandwich this year with our selection of leftover turkey recipes. From simple snacks to warming dinners, discover new recipes to try this winter.

Top tips for storing veg


Care for your carrots

Carrots last longest when they’re kept dry. Wrap in a paper towel in the vegetable drawer to keep condensation at bay.

Know your onions

Keep them cool, dry and well-ventilated. Plus, store separately to potatoes to help them both last longer.

Protect your potatoes

Pop your potatoes in a cool, dry, dark cupboard. They’ll store best in their packaging or our reusable bags.