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We’re one of the first UK retailers to trial Eco-Score labelling.

Lidl GB is trialling the Eco-Score label on products in stores, helping you to make more sustainable decisions quickly and easily. 

Understanding the environmental impact that the products have is becoming more important than ever, and often the amount of labels on a product can cause confusion. 

We want to make labelling clearer so that our customers feel confident to make more sustainable decisions when shopping with us. That’s why we are trialling the Eco-Score initiative in our Scotland stores. 


What is Eco-Score?

The Eco-Score is a five-level product label which shows information about the sustainability of products, at a glance.

The label classifies the environmental impact of the product, from a dark green ‘A’ for the lowest environmental impact to a red ‘E’, for the highest.

Various criteria such as ingredients, packaging and sourcing are taken into consideration when calculating the overall Eco-Score. For example, certifications such as Fairtrade or Rainforest Alliance improve the overall score.

Find out more about Eco-Score here.

The Eco-Score labels


Lidl GB’s Eco-score trial

Stage 1 – Gathering Insights

We have been engaging closely with the industry, charities and the government to understand their opinions to eco labelling, and we’ll use this feedback to guide our approach.

Stage 2 – Conducting a pilot

From the 2nd of September 2021, we’ll be trialling an Eco-Score label on the tea, coffee and hot chocolate products in all of our stores in Scotland. To support this trial all of the shelf tickets for these products will contain the relevant Eco-Score, helping our customers to better understand the environmental impact of the product they are buying.


What are we hoping to achieve?

With the findings of our pilot, we would like to understand how successful Eco-Scores are in helping customers to make more sustainable purchasing decisions. We’ll use the findings from consumer surveys, sales information and feedback from partners to help us guide our next steps. The end goal of Eco-Score labelling is to help you, our customers, to make more sustainable purchase decisions quickly and easily.

Further information on the Eco-Score, including the calculation and methodology can be found here.

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