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Lidl supports Fairtrade in developing countries

We take our responsibility seriously and support the Fairtrade certified producer organisations in Africa, Asia and Latin America. We have introduced FAIRGLOBE to our range for this reason, as well as to increase public awareness of sustainable produce grown in developing countries. Purchasing our FAIRGLOBE products gives customers the opportunity to support the producers in these countries. This will enable them to improve their standard of living and working conditions. We encourage customers to buy these products and therefore contribute to a better future for the farmers, workers and their families.

FAIRGLOBE - The brand at Lidl for Fairtrade products

The FAIRTRADE Mark that appears on products in this range is licensed by the Fairtrade Foundation and is an independent guarantee that the products meet international Fairtrade standards.

The world coffee price can fluctuate wildly, depending on supply and demand, and fell to a 30-year low of $45 in 2001. Lidl's Fairtrade coffee comes from Ethiopia, Peru, Honduras and Papua New Guinea. Over 1500 Peruvian coffee farmers from the 'La Florida' cooperative produce Fairtrade certified coffee. For 100lbs of Arabica coffee the organisation receives the guaranteed Fairtrade price of $121 (US dollars) and for organic coffee around $141 (US dollars). In addition a Fairtrade premium of $10 (US dollars) is paid. In recent years this has led to the cooperative being able to improve the quality of their coffee, set up a small loans scheme for members, build a school and develop a health service within rural areas.

"Fairtrade helps all cooperative members and their families. Now all members get a better price. With the additional income from Fairtrade we can finance social programmes for developing our community". (Cesar Rivas Pena, Managing Director of La Florida, Peru).