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Lidl launches new Eau De Parfum

Lidl Supermarket - Lidl launches new Eau De Parfum

 June 2011

Lidl UK have launched a new perfume under their private label Suddenly called ‘Madame Glamour’ in stores nationwide. Arriving on the shelves for the first time in May, it has been so popular with customers that many stores have already sold out. The sensational new perfume has been produced exclusively for Lidl, and retails at the incredible price of £3.99 for 50ml.

With citrus and floral notes, incorporating Bergamot and Jasmine the new Lidl perfume, which arrives just in time for summer, is proving to be the perfect accessory of the season. An Independent Fragrance Consultant attributes the perfume's appeal to its "fresh citrus and floral notes merging to an alluring, exotic oriental accord". He goes on to describe it as "a timeless, affordable, and classic fragrance ".

A Lidl spokesperson says: “We were keen to create a fragrance that embodies elegance and femininity for everyday wear. It just shows it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune to feel instantly glamorous.”

Europe is the largest market for private label products globally and, within Europe, the UK is the largest private label market by size, with Germany second. This represents a shift in consumer purchasing habits and the increasing number of sophisticated own label products offered as alternatives to premium priced brands.