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GSCOP Annual Compliance Report 2014-2015


This report details the actions taken by Lidl UK GmbH to ensure ongoing compliance with the Groceries Supply Code of Practice, which came into force on 4th February 2010.

This document also gives account, for the Company’s last full financial year (FY 14/15), of any Disputes that were raised by Suppliers, the level at which they were raised and resolved.

Actions undertaken prior to commencement of the GSCOP:

In conjunction with external solicitors:

All existing Terms & Conditions checked for compliance with the Code.

Reference to the GSCOP made in relation to all existing contracts.

In house compliance measures:

The Compliance Director has been appointed as Code Compliance Officer (CCO) in line with Article 9(1) of the Groceries (Supply Chain Practices) Market Investigation Order 2009.

All relevant Suppliers have been informed of the escalation stage 1 (Buying Director) and stage 2 and 3 (Code Compliance Officer) contact details.

All Buying staff have received initial training on the Code.

Review of FY 2014-2015:

In house compliance measures:

Annual refresher training for all Buying staff has been carried out by the Code Compliance Officer on 26.02.14 and 06.03.15.

Additionally, newly appointed Buyers are trained on GSCOP compliance requirements by their line managers in the Buying Department, and automatically receive GSCOP-relevant documentation from the Personnel Department upon induction in their new position.


No Disputes have been raised to the CCO.

Compliance Director
(GSCOP Code Compliance Officer)

Date: 23.06.15